Puno is a department of Peru and is located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world with its three major islands (Uros, Taquile and amantani) and the largest city, Juliaca, 42Km of the latter at an altitude of 3824msnm.

It is estimated that this part of the Altiplano is the center of origin of potatoes. Collao was territory of the ancient Tiawanaku culture in the mid-first millennium. Subsequently developed various manors in the region conquered by the Inca Empire to the fifteenth century. During colonial times, was a major shopping area.


PROGRAM 2 Days / 1 Night:


DAY 1: (Puno – uros – amantaní)

Starting from the city of Puno, we will go by boat to the floating islands of Uros, and then we continued the trip , after 4 hours we arrived at the island of Amantani, lunch and then walk towards the ceremonial center, "Pacha Tata" where can observe the beautiful scenery, high Andean customs and lifestyle. From this place, which is the top of the island, you will see the sunset at Lake Titicaca. At night he makes a feast of welcome visitors to stay overnight in local homes, enjoy a dinner hosted by families.

DAY 2: (Amantaní – taquile – puno)

This day we will go to Taquile, walk to town for an hour and a half, then descend on the opposite side of Taquile to return to the city of Puno.


• Bilingual guide spanish - english

• Tickets to the islands.

• boat.

• Lodging.

• Lunch, dinner and breakfast in Amantaní.


• Lunch Taquile

Tips to enjoy your trip to Peru.

If you have little time to spend in Peru, try to get the most out of your residence. Arriving in Peruvian soil, you will realize that 10 days is not enough to know the most important regions. You should think of at least three weeks to enjoy your trip:


Important Information of Peru

With 1.285.215 km2, Peru is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina, ranking it among the 20 largest countries in the world. It also has 200 nautical miles and territorial rights over an area of 60 million hectares in the Antarctic.