We are an agency operator, "PERUTRAVEL ADVENTURE MACHUPICCHU MANU", which is located in the city of Cusco, the navel of the world. It is a travel agency that was created to provide professional services with optimal quality and safety in Perú.


Our travel and tourism in the city of Cusco offers various tour packages in the coast mountains and jungle of Peru. We have experience in cultural tourism, adventure, experiential, observation of flora and fauna Nature (eco tourism), with great professional skills, which allows us to continue in the tourism market with great success, providing full satisfaction to our passengers take our services and our staff confidence in meeting our standards and policies.



With our packages you can enjoy the rich culture of our ancestors as different archaeological remains, the rich biodiversity of our natural flora and fauna and their different species. Within our walks, you will appreciate the valleys, creeks and native communities, whose people maintain their customs from their ancestors to the present.


We invite you to visit our PERU, which has a variety of tourist attractions, where you, friends and family will enjoy an unforgettable experience.












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CUSCO : City Tour

Considered the oldest existing city in America, known as World Heritage. U navel of the world that lies in the heart of the Peruvian Andes. An extraordinary example of living archeology wonder and surprise us. ...

Inca Trail (4 Days / 3 Nights)

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the most famous and best preserved of all the routes of the empire of the Incas. With its cobblestone paths and bridges over important archaeological...


Manu is one of the largest biosphere reserves in the world. This immense territory extending over several major landscapes, by geography, climate, flora and fauna of the high Andes ...

Tips to enjoy your trip to Peru.

If you have little time to spend in Peru, try to get the most out of your residence. Arriving in Peruvian soil, you will realize that 10 days is not enough to know the most important regions. You should think of at least three weeks to enjoy your trip:


Important Information of Peru

With 1.285.215 km2, Peru is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina, ranking it among the 20 largest countries in the world. It also has 200 nautical miles and territorial rights over an area of 60 million hectares in the Antarctic.